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A Look at DC Comics Ame-Comi Girls Series

on March 27, 2013


The Ame-Comi Girls Series is one of those series that you need to read for pure fun. Don’t go in and expect continuity with the New 52 or any other series.

Right off the bat, you can tell from their costumes that these are not your mother’s superheroes.

The style is based on a series of statuettes that was released by DC Collectibles Ame-Comi Girls, which features some of DC Comics top female characters redesigned in the style of manga and anime. Not only do the characters get a face-lift, but their story lines get some tweaking as well.

Wonder-Woman-300x201Ame-Comi I: Wonder Woman shows us Diana as a headstrong princess who dreams of glory on the battlefield. From the first few pages, I can see that Diana and her mother do not always see eye to eye.

When a battle ensues, Diana’s mother insists she stay safe in the palace instead of fighting alongside her sisters. Her stubbornness and desire to fight over-rides her mother’s orders and she eventually makes her way to help win the battle.

The story leads into Diana’s eventual trip to the United Nations as the ambassador to Themyscira.

Ame-Comi II: Batgirl starts off a bit differently. In the beginning we see Barbara (Batgirl) and her cousin, Carrie (Robin), getting ready to go out for a night on the town. They both assure Barbara’s father, who is wheelchair bound, their plans include being home before the rooster crows.

Batgirl-300x202The next thing we see is Poison Ivy causing her usual trouble and Batgirl & Robin swing in to help save the night. I’m actually happy to see that Batgirl and Robin are a sister-like cousin team. They give the series a nice balance of humor and action; which is something I look for in all of the comic books I read.

In the end of both Wonder Woman and Batgirl we see the villainess in charge is the same, Duela Dent. What is she up to and what is all this about? Keep reading the series to find out!

While originally this was a digital only series, you can now find it in trade form at your local comic book store. Currently, it is only being released once a month. Volume one of the series is expected to hit comic book stores in September this year.

I would say this series would be best appreciated by ages ten and up.

What are your thoughts on the series? Let me know in the comments!


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