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Batman: Noel — A Holiday Story for Batman Fans

When I first heard about Batman: Noel, I thought it was going to be a complete retelling of A Christmas Carol and in a way it was. The narrator tells the famous Charles Dickens tale as best as he can, while we watch Batman have some similar experiences to Ebeneezer Scrooge. In the place of the spirits, we have three individuals who make their presence known to the Dark Knight.

The story opens with the narrator telling us a little about himself and how he first heard the story. We see a man following instructions in a note and running for dear life from the Batman. After threatning the man and letting him go, Bruce heads back to the cave to spy on him with the tracking device he placed on the man’s shirt. It turns out the man has a child and Batman couldn’t care less about what will happen to him. As long as he gets the Joker, that’s all that matters.

The story continues in the Christmas Carol spirit when Bruce almost swears that he sees his dead partner, Robin (I’m assuming Jason Todd) in the cave with him. It almost seems to shake Bruce a little, but just as soon as the moment had come, it passes and Bruce is back to focusing on his mission to nail the Joker.

The first spirit is played by Catwoman. As the Ghost of Christmas Past, she complains to Batman that he’s changed and is no longer as fun to play with. Batman only gets angrier at her deception of having information on the joker and tells her he is no longer up to playing her games.

Later, he is found by Superman (playing the part of the Ghost of Christmas Present) who said he heard him “coughing all the way in Metropolis”. While on a forced “tour” of the city by Superman, Batman overhears the Police talking about him to Gordon, and his reaction is none to happy.

The third persona is the Joker and he has his own plans for the Dark Knight before he heads out to kill his henchman and his son. These scenes were a little disturbing for me and if it wasn’t for Bruce being very sick thorughout the story, I wouldn’t have believed the Joker could have taken him down so easily. After Bruce comes to his senses, he runs in to save the day and finally be the Batman I know and love.

At the end of the story, I was left wondering about the boy. Could he have been Tim Drake? Think about it…father down on his luck and turns to crime. No mother in the picture. The character has this hope that Batman is a really cool guy trying to do good for the city. Ummm….

The story shows a much colder version of Batman than I’m use to seeing and I hate watching him have no care in the world for an innocent child whose father is only doing work for the joker to keep them both alive.

I’m happy to report that the story has a happy ending and Bruce sees the error of his ways. Of course, we never find out if he is fully changed, because the story ends, but one can hope that the times of him using fathers and children as bait are over and he returns to being the Batman we know and love.

I’m disappointed to say that you can not purchase this title on Comixology, but you can find it on Amazon.