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A Trip Into Journeys…

on March 13, 2012

The other day I went to Journeys by myself and I asked the sales clerk for a size 11 in “The Flash” style converse sneakers. When she brought me the shoes, I was surprised to see that she brought me a men’s size. Since I know the shoes come in women’s sizes I pointed out they were the wrong size and she quickly fixed the mistake. I could tell by her body language that she didn’t realize I wanted them for myself.

I started to wonder what made her assume I was buying them for a guy. If I had asked for Superman, would she have done the same thing? How about Batman? This started to get me thinking…female comic book fans get the short end of the stick.

In my local comic book shop or mall, I find it very easy to find my favorite characters on shirts. The only problem is 99% of the shirts are for guys. The shirts for the women say something lame like “I only date superheros.” or “My boyfriend is a superhero.” How about a shirt for the guys that says “My wife can kick Supergirl’s tail.” or “My girlfriend is a real Wonder Woman!” Umm…

I would like to see some equality for the female comic book fans. With a recent article I wrote, I got a lot of flak on Facebook for being a “newbie” and worse yet, a “woman newbie”. Some of the veterans were nice and welcomed me with open arms, but others were just down right mean. After I left my computer feeling beaten by a bunch of guys that I will never see or meet, I realized a few things…

I can read just as well (if not better) than some of the guys I know. Why would I not find the same story arc and artistry in comics just as interesting as them?*Spoiler alert*Just as the men like the looks of Wonder Woman and Power Girl, the women find Batman and Superman just as equally physically appealing (except for the Bat nipples…that was too far Schumacher.). Their looks and personality draw us in and give us the desire and need to learn more about them.

Comic books are great! They are just short enough to take up my breaks at work and let me relax. They have also given me something to relate to with my little brother (by little I mean he’s 2 years younger and is 6ft 1in). I really enjoy our quality comic book talk and trips to the comic book store. When I have a question about something I have seen in the cartoons, he hands me a graphic novel to understand more. Recently I started to read the DC New 52 and now I have gotten him into reading it. Now we both get excited every time a new one is released. I love debating the movies with my husband and brother. I tell my husband about what is going on in the comics and he gives his “veterans” opinion on it. Eventually I’ll see him sneaking on my iPad to take a look at the ComicsX app to see what I was talking about.

Although I am still a newbie to the comic book world, so was every veteran comic reader at some point. So to all of you grumpy veterans who attacked me online and trolled my articles, I say this…believe it or not the comic book world needs the newbies (male or female) just as much as it needs you to grow. We are here to stay, so get over it and move on.


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